how to wear: chunky accessories

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I think accessories are a great tool to show the world who you are.
Oftentimes accessories are like art to me and, used wisely, they can elevate the most simple look and transform it into a marvelous masterpiece.

A few pointers:
* on repeat here: don’t overdo! You don’t want to be compared to a Christams tree.
* look for a bit of contrast. A chunky ring or necklace with a romantic dress, a leather bag or cuff with a lace skirt, you get it.
* make sure everything (including you!) gets the attention it deserves. Sometimes accessories can build up (as seen on the second picture) but often enough really is enough.
* one way to build a look around your accessories is to start by picking a piece you’d really like to wear. Then build your clothes/shoes around it.
* last but not least: have fun with it.

Posted by on oktober 12th, 2011

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