party looks: how to wear all black

I hardly ever wear all black, so I was actually surprised to find 6 of them amongst my grand total of 110+ looks.

So, here I show you different ways to wear something all black during the holidays.
*black is easy, effortless, classic and it goes with almost everything.

*black gives a lot of room accessory-wise, plus the fact that it’s the holidays means: go for it! Layer necklaces or bracelets or rings. Grab your most outrageous purse, show some bling.
*do you have a pair of beautiful gloves? Your grandma’s bracelet or necklace? This is the time to show it.
*group a few brooches and put them on your purse or collar. Ofcourse, make sure you don’t damage something first!
*find your most outrageous pair of colored or patterned tights, they will look fantastic against black.
*sequins, lace, beads, metals, you name it: mix some interesting and beautiful fabrics together and pair them with black. You will look fantastic!
*last but not least: this is the time, you can get away with (almost) everything. And show some guts: no guts, no glory.

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Posted by on december 13th, 2011

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