how to wear: beware matchy-matchy

We fashion freaks like our looks interesting, tantalizing, absurd even!
Ofcourse it’s ok to play it safe when you’re in doubt or just having an off-day. I certainly have my ‘playing-it-safe’-moments.

When you feel like taking a chance, keep these notes in mind:
* focus on one eye catcher, whether it’s a pop of color, a clash of prints, a lot of accessories, or very special shoes, or… (I could go on here)
* make sure you take your hair, makeup and coat into account too (a pixie cut adds a little something different than, say, a wild bob).
* finally: it’s often a matter of gut-feeling: only you know what suits you and your personality.

Be inspired and have a great weekend!

Posted by on maart 2nd, 2012

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