beautiful birthday presents!

I admit: I totally rock at spoiling myself, but how fun it is to be spoiled! And I was spoiled, last week, turning 34.

Just to be clear: I absolutely don’t, for one minute, worry about getting older. First of all, turning 34 (thus being still ‘young’) doesn’t give me the right to worry about that, I think.
Secondly, there are thousands of women who didn’t get to see this day, so I’m grateful for every day I get. And will remember this when wrinkles and grey hair will come into my life.

So, on to the presents!
I was lucky to come up with a (small) list at all. I have everything I want, and if I don’t I pretty much make sure I get it. (Ouch, that sounds horrible!)
My husband spoiled me with this fabulous black leather Zara tote. I’m in-cre-di-bly in love with these bags, yes bags…. This is my 3rd one. I do have the burgundy and the camel ones as well. #spoiled
They’re so beautifully made, so chic and large! I can fit a everything in there if I need to.
Furthermore, compliments just keep coming when I walk around with one of these bags. Whether it’s a sales person telling her co-worker how she loves ‘that’ bag, a leather craftswoman complementing me on this amazing bag or the exclamation points from fellow bloggers online, it never ends.
This black beauty is an amazing addition to my collection of bags.

My 5 year old son made this beautiful piece of art, needless to say I was speechless,
I love color! (And I love anything and everything he makes.)

My mum spoiled me with this amazing Victoria Beckham perfume called Intimately Beckham.
I love it, it’s mysterious and feminine.

I spoiled myself (duh, what were you thinking?!) with these fabulous silver Zara ballerina flats.
I’ve been looking for silver jazz shoes forever and these are the next best thing, considering I’m
a total ballerina flat addict.

Now if only spring would spoil me with just that, spring… I would be the luckiest person alive,
but hey… I do need something to wish for…

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  1. Anoniem zegt:

    Perfect choice of Bag, I ordered one this week and i cannot wait to use it.

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