today’s look: it’s my party

(more pictures below)

And I wear what I want to! Today is my 34th birthday so I’m celebrating in all kinds of different ways: cake, presents (I’ll be sharing soon), family, ice cream and… beautiful clothes!

This silk vintage dress just took my breath away, the first time I saw it. I must admit, that happens to me a lot when I see something beautiful. #instanthappiness
Although I do have quite a few special dresses, this one is not your average party dress. It’s heavy, handmade, colorful, well-tailored, amazing!

The weather today doesn’t fully agree with me on this dress, but as I wrote: it’s my party and I’ll wear what I want to.
The leather heels are Zara, the clutch is H&M and the necklace is custom made by me.

Happy birthday to me!

(dress in detail & statement necklace)

(Zara heels and H&M clutch)

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