today’s look: altered africa

(more pictures below)

I love this top with it’s amazing print, I think it was my first piece ever with an awesome African print.
I’m totally hooked right now on beautiful African prints and batik prints, so if you don’t like it, you have something coming.
All these prints too much for you? Check out tomorrow’s downgraded version of this look, perfect for casual Fridays!

The blue and white floral skirt reminds me of the famous Dutch “Delfts blauw” china, it’s perfect.
The zebra printed pony hair flats are Warehouse, I’m wearing 3 different leather belts (vintage) and a lot of different bangles (Primark, vintage, I am).
The choker necklace is H&M, the statement necklace I made myself.

Posted by on mei 3rd, 2012

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