today’s look: chic shorts

(more pictures below)

I can’t believe we have had this kind of sunny weather for over a week now! The temperatures are amazing and so are these fabulous clothes I can wear every day.
I love how ‘non-pink’ this look is. Wait, let me explain that. Usually, pink brings a lot of girliness or sweetness to a look, but not here, I think.
This look is more chic, and fabulously effortless. And though the blouse is very deep pink, the shorts take it more into a burgundy kind of shade.

My vintage Hermes Kelly bag was practically begging me to take her out of the dust bag, and I listened, without hesitation, as there is no cloud, and thus, no rain in sight.
The silver vintage ring with amazing cut emerald stone is the only jewelry I’m wearing today.

Posted by on mei 29th, 2012

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