how this stylist packs for a 10 day trip to the Cote d’Azur

(more pictures below)

It’s crazy and it’s one of my favorite things: packing the stylist’s way.

Here’s how it gets done: (not necessarily in this order)

First I pick lots of different items from my wardrobe: dresses, jewelry, shoes. Things I absolutely want to take with me.
The rack gets more and more crowded and soon it’s cutting time! I have to decide what goes and what not, one of the hardest parts. (I always pack too much)

I start putting looks together from all the items I chose, sometimes going back to my closet to add something. I’m deciding, photographing (so I can decide quickly on what to wear in any situation), and wrapping things together so every look will be packed together. (I totally recommend this, it will save you tons of time on your holiday spot)
I often check my camera during this proces and start counting: how many evening looks, day time looks and beach looks do I have? (even stylists don’t want to look picture perfect all the time)

Then we have to start bikini fitting, sometimes a great thing, sometimes not so great, depending on my tan and the lighting. I pair bikini’s with looks and accessories and photograph that as well.
I pack flip flops, tricot dresses, and a pair of jeans and a few t-shirts. after all, we need to travel for quite a few hours before we even get close to Cannes.

My travel outfit requires a large tote, comfy shoes (ballerina flats), comfortable pair of pants, a large pair of sunglasses, and some layering for when the weather changes.
I save sample size beauty products all year, that way I save a lot of space in my beauty case.
Then I pack a ridiculous amount of fashion and beauty magazines (not recommended, the weight of those things in unbearable).

And then all of it has to go in a suitcase… See you in France!!

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