newest addiction: zara leather totes

Ok, to be honest, this isn’t nearly a new addiction, but this one just keeps hitting the ‘refresh’-button!

The leather totes Zara has been selling for about 2 years now, are really something.
And after Olivia Palermo was spotted with the tan-colored one, sales went through the roof.

When I wear one of my (three) totes, I always get a compliment.
Be it a: “I have to have a bag like that”, or a woman that tells me she used to be a leather craftswoman and thinks “the bag is truly amazing”, they just keep on coming!

I’m not surprised, mainly because I don’t grow tired of these beauties and they always add a luxurious feel to my outfit.
I’m happy to see Zara is nothing close to even thinking about tossing these totes out of the collection-window, on the contrary, they’re adding more and more to the group of totes: mini-totes in trendy colors, studded totes (on my wishlist!) and even a mini-tote with pony hair in animal print. Simply amazing.

Posted by on augustus 14th, 2012

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